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Taghavi, N., and Nahvi, H., Stability Analysis of Arch Shape Carbon Nanotubes Modeled by Nonlocal Elasticity Theory, Journal of Computational and Theoretical Nanoscience, Vol 10, No 3, March 2013, 719-27.


In this article, bifurcation buckling and snap-through stability phenomena for carbon nanotubes having a slight curvature are investigated. Carbon nanotubes are modeled as shallow arches and using nonlocal elasticity theory, the effect of small-length scale is taken into account. To obtain critical buckling loads of a sinusoidal pinned shallow arch with pinned ends resting on a Winkler foundation, the governing equations are derived and solved analytically. The possibility of bifurcation buckling and snap-through phenomena for this innovative model and the classical model is compared. It is found that the small length-scale plays a significant role in the possibility of snap-through occurrence on the arch shape carbon nanotubes. It also has important effects on their critical buckling loads.

January, 2012


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